Friday, October 26, 2012

Made by Moonlight Black Walnut Sugar Scrub

A few weeks ago I had recieved this scrub to try for review from a new indie company called Made by Moonlight. I really expected a sample size so I was shocked to find this giant jar in my mailbox. The product is packaged in a cute jelly jar with a black ribbon and a bow on the lid, with Black Walnut handwritten on the label. Something about handmade, crafty products from independent sellers has always fascinated me. The fact that one single person has taken the time to make something makes the product feel personal, unique, and one of a kind. It feels more like a gift rather than a mass marketed product made with a bunch of crap that you can't even pronounce and aren't even sure if it's good for you. Indie companies really have their own unique charm to products, which is why people love Etsy! MBM is currently working on their Etsy store, but you can check out their FB page here and submit a custom order by email! YES, I said CUSTOM!! The owner Lisa is very kind, has fast correspondence, and also had the scrub shipped out the day after I sent my address! (Thanks Lisa ;) )

And now, the review:

First of all, anything with walnuts or walnut fragrance in it immediately arouses my appetite. (I am Greek and we put walnuts in the majority of our desserts, lol) YUMMM! It really smells good enough to eat. You probably could too, considering it's made from sugar, vitamin E, and olive oil. Sugar has always been one of my fave exfoliants because it isn't too harsh and the pieces aren't jagged like apricot scrubs. The sugar is an exfoliant that buffs away the dead skin cells from your skins surface, while vitamin E keeps skin looking soft and youthful, and olive oil provides hydration. It's in all in one with NO artificial coloring which makes it safe for sensitive skin types.

I used to buy Tree Hut's Almond scrub from Walmart and it was mostly made of oil and it would collect at the top of the jar....gross. I love that the texture of the MBM scrub is more thick and clumpy rather than oily and greasy like a lot of scrubs are which means it's good for the face of someone with oily skin. At first I was a little unsure of whether or not I wanted to use this on my face because of my skin being broken out and oily but it suprisingly didn't irritate it or make me look like an oil slick. There is a generous amount of product, the jar is is sturdy, cute, (and re-useable), and they are sold at a very fair price. Overall I am really pleased with the quality of the scrub and I'll probably order more when their official shop opens. Hopefully by Christmas, so I can make them into gifts!

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