Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pin-up Makeup (The portfolio building begins!)

Hey everyone! A couple weeks ago my friend Allyson was in town and we did an amature-ish rockabilly/pin-up style photoshoot. She was more than happy to be my model (and a gorgeous one at that!) and let me use her camera. Allyson is not a professional model, just a photographer that knows her angles very well! We started late in the day so we had to rush everything by sundown. The overall process was probably completed in 2 hours which might seem like a long time, but I am still new to application on other people. I would much rather take my time and be thorough rather than half assing it in 30 minutes.

Here is a close up of the the eyes. Winged gel liner, false demi lashes, and a taupey color in the crease.

Allyson briefly taught me how to use her camera and even then I had no idea what I was doing. A lot of the photos were blurry, too bright, or super grainy. Professional photography is harder than it looks! After viewing the photos I did see some some areas that were a little sloppy, especially on the left eye and the lips. :/ Overall, I think she looks stunning and I think the red lips work very well with her hair and skintone, which was my main concern from the start. My kit is still very small, but I worked with what I had in a short amount of time. I am very pleased with how the final look turned out.

CC always welcome! Thanks for reading guys!

*Products Used*
Dermagem Mineral Foundation (Light/Medium)
Cargo Blu-Ray Primer
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Ardell Demi Lashes
Wet n Wild Cream Eyeliner
Tarte Jewelry Box Palette
NYX Snow White Lipstick
NYX Natural Blush
Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara
Elf Ash Eyebrow Kit

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Too Faced Size Queen Mascara

On the trip home to PA, my friend Lauren gave me this mascara in a package filled with TONS of little makeup goodies. When I first pulled  this mascara out of the box I was shocked to see how large the tube was. Never in my life have I seen a mascara tube so big, so my first thought was "Wow, there must be a ton of product in there!" So, I unscrewed the top and this huge bastard of an applicator comes out.
I discovered that it was mostly applicator in the tube, not mascara, lol! It's kinda short, fat, with very long, thick, bristles that are shaped like an average mascara wand but on steroids. I tried SO many times to get this thing to work for my lashes but I couldn't. :(  My eyes are kinda small and I barely have any lashes so I can't use this wand without making a mess everywhere. Bottom lashes are IMPOSSIBLE to coat with this wand. After each application I'm left with short, fat, clumpy lashes and an extra minute of cleanup.

However, when using a different applicator with this mascara I can get a fair amount of volume AND length, as shown in the photos. I think that is the problem with most mascaras, the formulation itself gets ignored because the spoolie is a hunk of garbage. Companies try to make their products unique for consumers but end up failing because products aren't made practical. Unfortunately, this is one of the many mascaras that are misunderstood because of a crappy applicator. With a smaller spoolie, I get clump-free volume and length with no hassle, no mess, and no cleanup around my eyes. It didn't start to get dried out, clumpy, and flaky until after a month but that's usually how most drugstore mascaras are for me. (Seeing as how this isn't a drugstore mascara, I'm not so sure if that is a good thing lol) Sadly, the applicator has become a deal breaker for me so I will not purchase this with my own money. ($21.00 at Sephora....really??) It's very time consuming to use a separate wand and then wash it after I apply makeup everyday. Maybe the applicator will work best on people longer, fuller lashes. Me no likey :/

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