Monday, March 12, 2012

Birthday/Party Makeup

Hello everyone! :)
My birthday passed recently so I thought I'd take a few quick pics to show you guys what I wore!

Starting to play around with the zoom on my camera :P

When I think of parties I think of shimmery silver and gray eyes. I paired this fun look with a sheer frosty pink lip so the eyes will stand out.

urgghhh dry lips
I applied a white shimmery foiled pigment to the center of the lid and faded it into the gray, and then blended the gray into the black on the outer corners. When the light hits, it draws attention right to the center of the lid which is absolutely stunning, in my opinion. (With a little more black on the corners, it could have really intensified the look but I didn't have too much time to clean up all the black eyeshadow fallout since I had already done my foundation before I started on the eyes.)

I put a white eyeliner on the waterline, and used black liner to wing it out on the ends to make my eyes look a little more awake. I really wish my lashes weren't so curly so I could apply false lashes. They really would have looked gorgeous with this look.

Wearing silver shades always makes me feel glamorous, and you can't have glamor without false eyelashes, lol.

Lastly, I used a light pink matte blush, and light pinky/neutral lipstick to finish off the look. Not too bad of a combo, if I do say so myself lol

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Products used:
Revlon Colorstay Ivory Foundation
Benefit Powderflage
Coastal Scents Black Gel Liner 
Maybelline Waterproof Colossal Mascara
NYX Pale Pink Lip Pencil
NYX Sky Pink Round Lipstick
ELF Ash Eyebrow Kit
NYX Natural Powder Blush
NYX White Pearl Loose Pearl Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Creep Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Gun Metal Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion


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