Wednesday, March 7, 2012

All-Over Smoke Look Tutorial Using Drugstore Products. (Great For Beginners!) AND a Giveaway!

Hello Ladies and Gents!

Today I will be posting a simple look that is perfect for a beginner in makeup, someone with a very small collection of makeup, or for someone who doesn't have a whole lot of time to get ready before work or school.

This look I created has a shimmery rust colored eyeshadow, and a white shimmery brow bone highlight with a tiny pop of the same shimmery white on the inner corners. That's it. Simple, quick, with minimal blending and you only need one fluffy dome shaped brush and 2 eyeshadows of your choice.  Eyeshadow primer is always optional of course if you want to prevent it from creasing or fading throughout the day.

If you are confused as to which parts of the eye are which, Temptalia has a great article and diagram to help you.

It is a good idea to pack the eyeshadow onto the lowest part of your lid first, then blend upwards without dipping your brush in again because you want the intensity of the eyeshadow to fade from dark to light, from bottom to top. A friend asked me if it was ok to put eyeshadow all the way up to the brow. My answer is yes, BUT...

You have to see it more in terms of intensity. You should always want the upper eye area to be lighter than the colors you are using on the lower eye area. If your eyeshadow has the same intensity all over, and isn't blended or faded out and upwards, it will give you that Mimi drag queen look, which isn't attractive if you aren't a dragqueen. LOL.

To get that desired intensity, you'll need a blending brush because a little sponge applicator just isn't gonna cut it. You'd be better off blending with a cotton ball or a Q-Tip to be honest. 

So after packing the eyeshadow on to the lid, you need to blend up the crease/the edges of your eyeshadow in sideways motions with your brush, leaving a little space for your highlight.

Next, you need to wipe your brush off and pick up your highlighter color with it and blend it in with the faded edges of your crease color.

After that, you can pick up more of your highlight color, and put a little more on as close as you can to the bottom of the eyebrow (like I said, you want that spot to be the brightest area of the eye).

You generally want to choose a highlight color that is very pale or light so you get the dark to light effect. I have very pale skin, so I've learned that white is a highlight that I will always be safe with, regardless of which other colors are on my lids.

 The finish of your brow bone highlight is entirely optional. It can be shimmery, satiny, or matte. For this look I chose a satiny white.

Now, go back in with that same highlight color and put some in your inner corners to help open your eyes a little more.

For this look, I brought the rust colored eyeshadow along the lower lash line. However, this is an optional step. If you don't have a small detail brush for it, you can probably try using a Q-Tip. :)

Lastly, do the eyeliner and mascara. Wing it out if you choose to do so, this will give your eyes a lift and help you look more awake. If your eyes are large, you can put eyeliner on your lower waterline. If they are very small, you can either use white eyeliner or nothing at all. If you're eyes are medium sized, you can do whatever the heck you want! This is the art of

If you are a beginner, I would suggest sticking with pencil eyeliner, just make sure you keep the tip pointed and sharpen it a couple times if you need to because you want your lines as neat and precise as possible. Of course, a liquid, cream, or gel liner will get you even more definition and precision, but it's best to stick to a pencil for a while until you can get the hang of it.

And finally, for the cheeks I chose a light pink blush and a pink lipgloss. Also, I did not fill in my brows for this look. I used a clear mascara just to set them in place because the hairs are thick and a little unruly at times.


Thanks for reading, guys! Hope this helped someone. Feel free to ask me any questions about this look and I will respond asap and I'll add it to the tutorial as well.

- Products used -
Revlon Colorstay Ivory Foundation
Prestige Black Eyeliner Pencil
ELF Lash & Brow Clear Mascara
Maybelline Waterproof Colossal Mascara
NYX Natural Powder Blush
NYX Beige Megashine Lipgloss

Makeup Addict has a Giveaway!! Choose one MAC eyeshadow or lipstick of your choice. Entries must be submitted by March 28th!


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