Monday, October 31, 2011

NYX Megashine Lipgloss Collective Haul & Review

For the past 2 years, I've purchased all of my NYX products from Ulta,, and more recently because that website has the best prices. These l/gs were only $3.75 a piece. At first I was buying them at Ulta for almost $6 a piece which was lame.

-Most of the formulas aren't sticky and have a nice consistency.
-All shades are heavily pigmented.
- I LOVE the cherry scent. Some are a lot stronger than others and smell like cherry cough drops which I understand it's not going to be for everyone.
- They aren't the most long wearing lipglosses out there, but they are definitely worth $3.75! Thats .53 oz of product per l/g, which will last me quite a long time. They are better than every drugstore lipgloss I've tried!

-Some shades emphasize the dryness on my lips and are sticky like Nude Peach, Nude Pink, and Frosted Beige. Idk what went wrong there.
-To most people under the age of 60, black licorice is a very unpleasant taste/smell. I wish I knew why they only chose Pink Frost to have the disgusting scent.

*Frosted Beige and Sweet Heart are not shown because I misplaced them and forgot lol
Nude Peach- Slightly shimmery, more coral then peach, very bright, kinda sticky.
Nude Pink- A matte pinky nude, kinda sticky.
Pink Frost- Light nude pink. EXTREMELY frosty. This is my least favorite, it smells like black licorice and the finish is just ugly. Not sure if this is even wearable outside of Snooki's circle of sluts.
Beautiful- Cool pink w/ gold shimmer, and yes it is quite beautiful. Only a little darker than Gold Pink
Pink Rose- Not rosey at all. It's a shimmery bright neon orangey-pink.
Smokey Look- Slightly shimmery peachy nude.
Natural- Matte, tan-peach nude. It looks darker than Smokey Look in the tube, but the two look very similar on the lips
Gold Pink- A beautiful cool pink with a very subtle gold shimmer.
Beige- Warm matte pink. Not beige.
Desert- Frosty chocolate brown which is very unflattering on my skin. Don't ask me why I bought this one.
Tea Rose- A rosey pink. This comes off very sheer on my lips.
Sweet Heart- Supposedly a dupe for Turkish Delight by NARS. Since I don't own it, I have no way of knowing how similar they are. Sweet heart is definitely a pretty shimmery beige. It's freakin gorgeous.
Taupe- Taupe isn't taupe at all. It's a warm pink with a shit ton of gold shimmer
Frosted Beige- A frosty light beige. Kinda dry and sticky.

*The pictures below are my favorites. Keep in mind that I had to layer on the gloss more than normally so the color would show it's true pigmentation in the pictures, so it will look a little sloppy.


Gold Pink


Sweet Heart

Tea Rose. ( It's actually sheer, theres just a little shimmer left over from Sweet Heart. This is also the same color as my natural lips, for reference.)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Smokey Look Tutorial!

products used:
eyes: NYX Single e/s in Dark Grey, NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in White Pearl, UD e/s in Creep and Naked, Prestige Total Intesity eyeliner in Deepest Black & UDpp, Loreal Voluminous mascara
lips: MAC pro l/s fleshpot, NYX megashine lipgloss nude pink
brows:ELF cream eyeliner in coffee
face: Revlon Photoready foundation in 001 Ivory. Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer in Ivory, Benefit Powderflage
cheeks: NYX blush in Taupe (contouring), Benefit Posietint cheek stain

for the eyes:
1. Prep and prime the lids lol
2. Apply eyeliner as you normally would, then smudge a thin coat on to the lid to use as a base. I go a little above the crease. Use a smudge brush to smoke out the bottom lid/lower lash line, then apply black eyeshadow over it to set it, so it stays put all night
3. Pack black eyeshadow on lid, staying under the crease
4. W/a crease brush, apply a dark grey into the crease
5. Use a skin colored eyeshadow to smoke and blend up the crease color
6. Highlight the brow bone, and the inner corners with a white shimmery eyeshadow.

cheeks and lips: 
Because the eyes are so dramatic, I kept the color on the cheeks pretty subtle by contouring under the cheek bones and used cheek stain under my foundation for a natural flush. For the lips, I used Fleshpot l/s by MAC. Reviews all said it was a pinky nude, but it looks more peachy on my skin so I had to throw a pale pink gloss over top since my skin is more cool toned. It's important to keep the lips nude, work with a light hand on the cheeks, and keep the shimmer to a minimum when working with a dramatic smokey eye. Disco ball cheeks, red lips, and black eyes are something only a drag queen can pull off. The eyes should be the focal point of this look. ;)

Hair Product Reviews!

One N' Only Argan Oil Moisturzing Shampoo

I love this product! I've finally found something that got rid of my dry scalp (thanks to a combination of hard water and Redken's Extreme shampoo and conditioner). I highly recommend this to anyone with dry hair or dyed hair because it's sulfate free. I believe it works better than most drugstore shampoos that claim to be hydrating. The smell isn't exactly my favorite kind of scent, and i'm not sure how to describe it but it has a very clean, STRONG scent and my hair still smells good after a workout or by the end of the day. I noticed a little more shine when I first started using this product as well. The conditioner is pretty decent too, but if your hair is long, tangley, and frizzy like mine was then you might need something a little more stronger for a daily conditioner like the One N' Only Restorative Mask. Anyway, my husband and I are on our second bottle and we haven't found anything better in the $10-$20 price range, so if you're interested in this shampoo, I strongly recommend purchasing it.
Cleanses and lathers well
Eliminated my dry scalp!!
Long lasting scent
Adds a little shine
Great price

None that I can think of so far! :)

4/5 stars

Hair One Hair Cleanser & Conditioner For Dry Hair

I purchased this from Sallys for around $12 because I read pretty decent reviews on it. This product is both a shampoo and a conditioner in one that claims to cleanse, condition, detangle, get rid of frizz, and add shine. I don't believe it did any of those things for my hair. My hair is EXTREMELY dry, tangely, dull, and frizzy and if you are like me looking for a miracle product, this isn't the one. If your hair is long, this is going to be a pain in the butt for you. This product does NOT lather, this means you'll need to use 5x more product you would normally use and if you don't spend at least 5-10 minutes massaging it into your scalp and hair, your hair will NOT get clean. I especially don't recommend this to anyone that has hair that is fine, thinning, or has a lot of breakage. The more and more you rub this in your hair, the more hair you will lose and I learned the hard way. I call this product a Tub Drain I felt that it did not cleanse very well or condition any better than a cheap Pantene product would. I believe that this cleanser would work best on short hair that isn't overly dry and damaged, but as for me, I will not be repurchasing this.
-It smells nice.
-It has a very convenient pump.
-Contains no harmful sulfates that fade hair color.

-It didn't cleanse, condition, or hydrate my hair that well.
-It caused a lot of breakage and fall out in my hair.
-This can be time consuming, depending on how long your hair is.

I give it 2/5 stars

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